Loop One service

We make air quality clear and visible

Take control of indoor air quality with Loop One solution that provides online continuous and easy monitoring of indoor air quality from any building or space. Loop One smart air quality sensing solution includes both the Loop One sensor and the service.

Comprehensive and easy to use

Loop One service provides comprehensive indoor air quality analysis with a easy to use and easy to understand view that doesn’t require any prior knowledge on air quality or air pollutants. Loop One informs the users on the impacts of indoor air pollutants to human health, comfort, and productivity as well as to the building itself. Additionally, Loop One offers information that helps users to identify the possible sources of the measured pollutants and can guide users to take appropriate actions to fix the issue at hand.

Smart analysis of collected data

The Loop One service offers smart analysis of collected indoor air quality data. The analysis is based on comparing Loop One device measurements of indoor air pollutants concentration to the healthy limits recommended by the authorities. Analysis takes also into account the latest academic research on the impact of the air pollutants on human health and productivity, as well as the time of exposure and/or presence of other contaminants in the environment.

Reporting, notification and API support

Loop One sensor provides comprehensive, secure, reliable, and real time indoor air quality data from buildings

Loop One service provides intelligent analysis of the measured data

Loop One service shows an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand dashboard view for monitoring air quality on mobile, tablet or computer monitor

Loop One service´s reporting and notification features help users to utilize the information on air quality status for different needs

Loop One service provides API support for data transfer to other systems, like building management or building automation

Optimize wellbeing, productivity and energy efficiency

With the help of the Loop One solution you are able to minimize potential health effects, detect possible building defects as well as to control the energy consumption of your building. With real-time measuring and monitoring of indoor air quality, it is possible to see how high or low for example temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels are in the building. With the relevant analyzed data provided by the service it is easier to optimize building´s ventilation and energy consumption and to ensure a healthier and more productive indoor environment for the occupants.